Park Fine Art

Park Fine Art
Albuquerque NM

Milinae Song

Each one of us comes into the world, connected with a string of life to one’s mother. Growing up under the parents who ran a garment factory, a needle and thread are particularly special objects for me to present the life and the weight of that of my parents’. The objects, a needle and thread, are the very symbol of my family.

A thread in mythology symbolized life, destiny and karma. Ann Hamilton said, “the crossing of warp and weft is crossing through one’s life from cradle to crave”, however people live on without any kind of perception nor recognition of it. In the respect of the quote, a thread can be considered the closest thing to represent people’s lives. The artwork of this exhibition creating space by crossing threads and threads connects individuals, emphasizing on femininity of people’s lives, femininity difers from feminism in terms of tenderness and softness. In addition, unconscious crossing, piling up, possessing and appreciation of threads all start from the tip of my fingers.

For now, I am in the middle of presenting people’s lives into art with “the world” as the frame, base on Gilles Deleuze’s Rhizome theory from “Mile Plateaux”. Resisting to the previous prospective to model of culture, the horizontal and organizational structure of the root-tree system, rhizome stretches out to all directions; entitles connect among themselves to much that the start and the boundaries cannot ezixt. My work here is simple, an act of sewing threads of hope with no limit, wishing this could commect people of isolated society.

“Connecting you and you through me”.

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