Park Fine Art

Park Fine Art
Albuquerque NM

Seo-Ha Bak

Mixed Media

My work expresses both paradoxical and direct elements by missing open doors and un-open doors.

I tried to express the beauty of the structure which is contradictory with different combination of itself, and suggests new possibilities of approaching everyday life with a re-recognizable visual point of views. I reflected upon my everyday life first.

One of the most familiar objects in everyday life is a small entity that is not irrelevant to me, but they are often ignored. These small objects are multiplied by either a large or very small number, which led me to look at them in a more diverse way.

The object is set once more on the canvas frame, so that it is possible to recognize the existence of the object more easily by viewing it a way of directness.

Will the handle open? Shall we open it? Such thoughts symbolize a new set of eyes and direction that evokes a frame of thought that converts on the idea of objects as real objects. It is also another possibility for an everyday life that includes my choices to open up to a new dimension. But paradoxically, it does not. Even if I face the door that opens, there is only a sickness there.

These expressions represent the situation of my situation where it can be flexible but cannot escape our minds easily. Therefore, there is nothing to look at the object. The problem of interpreting objects opened up possibilities to be read in various perspectives without limitations. A new possibility is to open the door of the heart.

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