Park Fine Art

Park Fine Art
Albuquerque NM

Beanie Kaman

Collage Work on Linen

Making art is an endless and fascinating journey of discovery for me. I work in all manner of media, combining sewing, painting and drawing. I use images as metaphors to represent the eternity of life - the familiar and ever present in our lives. I focus on the beauty and spirituality of humankind from a desire to keep it alive within the difficult world that we live.

Using collage as a basis for each artwork, I incorporate paper, fabric from old clothes, old monoprints and maps that I have collected over the years. Because of the personal elements within the work, each piece can be interpreted biographically, as places that I have visited or references to home, family and mythology. Ultimately, through the sewing, weaving and blending of materials and images, there is a reflection of what we all share in the world, a unity that reminds us of the simplicity of life.

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