Park Fine Art

Park Fine Art
Albuquerque NM

In-He Cho

Since childhood I was fond of the water.

As I stare into the water, things are forgotten and my head becomes vacant allowing me to feel tranquil. As I gaze at the oscillating water surface, I see the reflection of a similar, yet altered view of this world. Recently, I have been attempting to portray this type of world in my drawings by employing the gentle, yet protean features of water. I mainly spend my time observing these qualities of water and telling a story of the world I perceive. I consider water as a communication device on canvas that allows me to express life and freedom.

Not only does the carp in my paintings symbolize and outline the oriental narratives, but it truly signifies the appearance of every living creatures, including myself, moving in existence.

Water is saucy and flexible, absorbs stains, creates new life and reflects the true image of our world. The generous nature of water provides tranquility and cleanliness to my heart.

- Part of Artist’s note

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